Who I Am


I am Heidi Orth…
Otherwise known as “The Legit Mom.”
Why “The Legit Mom?” Merriam-Webster defines “legitimate” as “real, accepted, or official.” And that, my friends, defines me:
Real – No pretending here, folks. Life is too short.
Accepted – As a child of God on this Earth, redeemed by my Savior Jesus Christ. And that’s all the “acceptance” we need!
Official – Seems legit, since I’ve been childbearing pretty consistently for the last 18 years. HA!
Over the past several years, friends and family have encouraged me to share my life experiences, lessons, encouragement, and advice through various platforms. As time progressed, I found myself texting and messaging a lot of people responses to questions regarding all aspects of life, and eventually speaking to small and then larger groups of moms. Finally, my husband asked me what I was waiting for. Thus, The Legit Mom was born.
So join me for frequent pieces of encouragement, advice, and information on a variety of topics, from overcoming bad hands in life to chemical-free living to homeschooling to parenting and everything in between. Let me help you make the most of this life! Let’s liveĀ well.

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