10 Reasons to Love Lavender Essential Oil!

When I teach about essential oils, Lavender is the one most people have already tried. It is a true favorite amongst plant lovers. But first, we need a little label lesson that I’m putting on all of these posts – for your benefit and mine!

Young Living has a line of oils called the “Vitality Line.” These oils are all certified safe for ingestion. That’s right – you can drink them! After all, there is nothing but 100% pure essential oil in the bottle, so you should be able to. It’s just another reason ONLY Young Living! But the powers that be (read: governmental regulating agencies) do not agree that something safe for your skin is ALSO safe for you to ingest. What does that mean? Well, they don’t agree that you can ingest an oil that is also safe for topical use.

I know; I know. It’s nuts.

So, behold: Two different labels. The white vitality label for Lavender is for ingestion. The purple label for Lavender is for “topical and aromatic use.” The oils in these bottles are exactly the same. Only the labels are different. Picking up what I’m laying down? Same oil — 2 labels — 3 uses. Got it?

Now, behold! 10 reasons I love Lavender. Only 10? How about I say “top 10,” because Lavender is called “the Swiss Army Knife” of oils for a reason – it’s good for EVERYTHING! It will change your life!

1. Healthy Sleep

Probably one of the most common uses for Lavender Essential Oil is to encourage healthy sleep.** Lavender is incredibly relaxing. Rolled on the bottoms of your feet, sprayed on your pillow, or put in your diffuser is a great way to slow down your mind and fall asleep quickly. A must have for all moms and dads!

2. For Flavoring

Yes, lavender! There are so many great recipes out there that use lavender, including cookies and lavender lemonade! Using essential oils is very cost effective and healthy too – nothing artificial whatsoever.

3. Reduce Stress

Your sense of smell is a vital sense that affects your mood. Smelling anything has dramatic effects on you as a person! You know how you can walk into a house, smell something cooking and immediately think: “oh, this reminds me of Grandma.” That is the limbic system of your brain. When you smell something, memories, emotions, and hormones are all triggered and released. Using essential oils for their aromatic benefits can be very helpful in managing your mood. Smelling lavender is a very effective way to manage your stress levels.

4. Laundry Freshener

Some of the most toxic things you can have in your home are dryer sheets and fabric softeners. Toss it all! Synthetic fragrances are so bad for your lungs, skin, endocrine system…just all bad, y’all. Trade out your dryer sheets for wool dryer balls like these. Add a drop or two of Lavender oil every few loads – it is affordable and MUCH safer for you. And your laundry will smell fabulous!

5. Improve Scars

Lavender can greatly help reduce the appearance of scars. Apply it consistently a few times every day and watch the scar fade.

6. Improve Complexion

Lavender is a very gentle yet natural way to improve your complexion. If you struggle with skin issues, Lavender can be very helpful. After your shower, try using a drop of lavender diluted with a small amount of coconut oil on your face. Simple, affordable, and safe.

7. Ease Seasonal Discomfort

Lavender can help promote your body’s natural response to seasonal changes. In the Spring and Fall, trying using Lavender Vitality in a capsule or diffusing lavender in your home. It is amazing! Want the BAM effect? Try a drop of lemon, lavender and peppermint together, massaged around your neck, behind your ears and around your head. This will Change. Your. Life.

8. Soothe Cuts and Scrapes

Lavender is very soothing when you get the occasional cut or scrape. Just apply a drop before you add your bandaid. Voila!

9. Soothe a Sunburn

Using Lavender is a very effective way to soothe a sunburn. We took lavender with us to Mexico, and we were SO glad. Combined with a little coconut oil, it will help your skin to feel much more comfortable and restore naturally!

10. Skin, Skin, Skin

You might have noticed that several of these had to do with skin. Lavender is by far one of the best oils to have on hand for your skin. It is incredibly beneficial for irritation to your skin – irritation of all types! You have to try it! Check out its many historical uses. There is a reason it is one of the most popular around!

These are just a few reasons I love, love, LOVE Lavender and Lavender Vitality Essential Oils. Consider joining Young Living today, and you will receive even more education and support from me on your journey to wellness. Essential Oils have changed my life – and they will yours, too!


** Please read my full disclaimer here.

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