Our Journey to Wellness Part III – Essential Oils and Supplements

By now, hopefully you have read Part I and Part II of our Journey to Wellness. Welcome to Part III!

You know what is hard? Typing “Essential Oils and Supplements.” You know why? I don’t want someone to see that and think, “oh here we go. Another one of those people.”  So if that is you, I plead with you to read on. We are real people with a real story that you really must read!

After changing basically EVERYTHING we ate, the results were inarguable, really. We felt so much better. We all lost a ton of weight and everything was greatly improved. We just weren’t quite *all* the way there. We were still seeking answers for:

Occurrences of pain. Hubby still had pain certain times of the year, after workouts, or if he fell off the wagon with food. What do we do instead of taking NSAIDs?

Fatigue. No amount of sleep and exercise seemed to equal the magical combination that rendered energy for both the hubby and oldest son.

Digestive regularity and/or discomfort. Unfortunately for my husband and son, they get no grace when it comes to food. If they eat cheat foods, they pay for it. Some of us can do that and be fine – I’m one of those people. But if they eat poorly (for them), they pay for it. Even more unfortunately, you’re probably thinking Doritos and Coke. But for my husband, it doesn’t look that bad. It’s more like having some bread, maybe a little pizza, or even spaghetti. Something that most people don’t struggle with as much. For my son, it is fast food. In fact, he cannot even attempt a chicken nugget or sausage biscuit from McDonalds. It’s ugly.

Throughout our journey, I shared what we were experiencing with anyone who would listen. Interestingly, our answers for these three things didn’t come from talking about the guys. The answers actually came when one of my other kids had an issue.

For years, every November, one of my children would get this horrid ear thing. It was just awful. One year, November rolled around and bam. Here goes the ear uh-gain. I called the doctor, who by now didn’t even make us come in, and he called in the typical antibiotic. However, 2 days later, we were still dealing with screaming pain. He wasn’t responding to the medication, so the doctor suggested we try something a little stronger.

It didn’t work either.

So you can probably guess what happened next. He suggested a third, even stronger antibiotic. I said no. I called a friend and ended up at an herbalist. At this point, I had begun to realize there have to be answers somewhere. I had started becoming quite open minded. To my amazement, he was better in 2 days. That was the last time said child ever had an antibiotic. That was 2011.

Essential Oils 

I had actually already tried some essential oils from the health food store without any success. They smelled good enough, but they didn’t have the…”therapeutic” effect I was looking for. That was when a friend insisted I try a couple of oils from Young Living. I agreed to try them out if she would send me some. I have to tell you that the results blew my mind. In fact, I wondered if it was just a coincidence? Surely they couldn’t work THAT well, I figured. Except we kept seeing those results, and before long, I couldn’t deny them.

I did my due diligence, too, in researching the oils. That’s kind of what I do – who I am, as a person. Before long, I knew without question there was a reason for Young Living being the market leader in essential oils. I won’t go further in this post, but check out my Why Young Living page and watch a few of the videos. Bottom line, what is in a Young Living bottle is 100% certified, nothing-else-in-there essential oil from a plant. Do a smell test from a Young Living peppermint to another company’s peppermint. You won’t be able to deny the difference. It made total sense why the cheap oils didn’t work for me.

After the results with the ear kid, I started researching what to do for the rest of our troubles. We found answers. It worked!!! Here are some of the basic oils we started with:

PanAway – PanAway essential oil blend is good for muscular and joint discomfort. The main ingredient to PanAway is Wintergreen essential oil. The FDA does not allow for me to tell you medical properties of essential oils. It’s just the world we live in. However, do some research, won’t you? We started using this on my husband’s muscles and joints. On top of it, we would add…

Copaiba – Copaiba is an excellent driver oil that enhances the oils with which it is combined. Further, it is very high in the constituent beta-caryophyllene. So – combine that on top of PanAway? BINGO! Relief. These are two oils we can’t be without.

Deep Relief – This has a similar function to the two combined above, in a convenient little roller bottle. The addition of the Peppermint creates quite a warm and massage-like sensation which feels really amazing for my hubby when he’s ready to settle down before bed. Later, this became my best friend. It was critical to my comfort after a birth injury and now, I won’t ever be without it — especially postpartum.

Lemon Vitality –  Since my husband had been on so many medications for so long, his liver had taken quite a hit. Lemon is really high in D-Limonene. By adding a few drops of Lemon Vitality to his water everyday, we were supporting his liver to be its best. Lemon is also great for digestion, and if he eats something that doesn’t agree with him, it is excellent at easing occasional sour stomach.

Peppermint – Oooooh Peppermint, how we love thee. Let us count the ways! Peppermint is *excellent* for mental clarity and a little “pick me up” when you are feeling fatigued. It is also one of the best digestive aids. And if you get some, oh, discomfort in the cranial area? Nothing – I’m telling you, *nothing* works better than a drop of Peppermint on your noggin. This was a huge benefit to my hubby and son for any of that, especially occasional nausea. And later, me – first trimester pregnant, carrying around a bottle of Peppermint and sniffing, sniffing, sniffing to keep my food down.

DiGize – This. This oil is MAGIC. DiGize has all of the oils for digestive support: peppermint, fennel, ginger, and tarragon, for starters. This is one of the most fabulous things we have ever discovered for my son. Remember what I said above about McDonalds? Well, it just so happens that he works there now, and he works some long hours some days. When he ends up eating something he shouldn’t, he has his DiGize on hand all the time. Even the other employees there now ask for his “magic oil.” It WORKS. We have 3 bottles at all times – one for my son on the go, one for my husband on the go, and one to keep at home. It is just that good.

These were the oils that ended up being game changers for us in the beginning. I could go on and on about others that we use for the rest of our family, but I will save that for further posting. These were our first experiences that sold us for life.


PowerGize – PowerGize is a supplement specially formulated to enhance physical performance. My husband said plainly – “I can move better.” He takes it every morning before he works out.

AgilEase – AgilEase is a supplement specially formulated to support the body’s response to acute inflammation that occurs with exercise. He also takes this every morning with his workout, and since doing so told me that his level of discomfort after his hardest exercise is not nearly what it was prior. Win!!

NingXia Red – I really can’t overstate what the addition of NingXia Red has done for us. NingXia is made from the Chinese Wolfberry, along with several other highly antioxidant juices, PLUS essential oils. It is a puree, so it is very easily digestible. Just look at some of the benefits:

Look at the list on the right. That is what you get from 2 *ounces* of NingXia Red. That doesn’t even count the digestive and liver support from the oils. When we started drinking this, my hubby and son both reported back that they couldn’t believe how much better they felt. No crashes. Fewer cravings. When my skeptical teenage son brought me an empty bottle and said, “do we have anymore of this Super Saiyan juice?” Ha!! I knew it was TOTALLY legit!!! Now we all drink it, and I am amazed at how good it makes me feel. I take 4 oz because I am nursing a baby full time, and it is a total game-changer for my day.

NingXia Nitro – NingXia Nitro is a supplement that supports alertness, as well as cognitive and physical fitness. “Cognitive fitness” translation: no more brain fog! Check out the ingredient list. It has so many fabulous ingredients, including Korean ginseng, botanical extracts, D-ribose, green tea, essential oils and more. This is so powerful, in fact, that when my husband consumes this with the Red, he said he can focus and concentrate better than he can ever recall. Success!!

The Final Puzzle Piece

For us, that is what I call the oils and supplements – the final piece to our health puzzle. They top our health off perfectly; that is an understatement. The food and exercise put us in a great place, and the oils and supplements took us the rest of the way. Our lives are forever changed because of them. We now have a “wellness closet.” It has a shelf of essential oils and a shelf of supplements that we keep in stock. We KNOW that they work because they have changed our lives dramatically. I will be blogging more and more about how other oils and supplements work, but for the purposes of the topic at hand, the ones discussed above were the final pieces to our puzzle. Our health picture is now complete.

We are so thankful to be where we are now. We have answers. We have wellness. I will be doing a final conclusion post. For now, if you are interested more in my take on essential oils in general, go here. We are in much gratitude for how far we have come!


*Disclaimer:  The information on this website is based upon my research and personal use of Young Living Essential Oils. I am not a doctor. Statements, products, and techniques mentioned have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Read the full disclaimer here



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  1. Heidi I did not realize your husband has Fibromyalgia, my husband has it too! Men usually don’t I was told. We have been doing Ningxa for a year and his blood sugars are amazing ( he is diabetic or was!). We have cut out all soda and “diet” itatems” no we are working toward grain and soy. I have R A and my Dr. Is awesome very natural. You instead of a cortisone shit I get herbs. And they work! You have incouraged me to continue our search. I am going to try to make our own gluten free bread any recipes you use? I’m just blown away by the oils I use panaway and d Copiaba daily so does Rick but I want him to try the supplements. Thanks Heidi!

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